Best Windows Media Players

Best Windows Media Players For 2018

Are you still using Windows Media player to play videos? Then it is time for you to change from that old player. Window media player is good to watch videos for PC users. But, Microsoft hasn’t been updated the player since 2009. There are many good media players available for Windows users to enjoy any video. They can play any video formats, helps to organize your playlist and do many more things with an excellent media player. But before choosing a media player for your PC, it is important to know its features. Here I am giving you some good Windows media player suggestions.

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Best Windows Media Players For Better PlayBack 2018

Best Windows Media Players
Best Windows Media Players

VLC media player is a the most popular open-source cross-platform multimedia player available for windows users. This is a media player with many extensive features and can play all type of files. This can play all multimedia files as well as DVDs, audio, CDs and VCDs. This media player is completely free with no advertisements and hidden charges. You can customize it as you want with available skins. This media player is available to use on many platforms like windows, Linux, IOS, Mac and many other operating systems. It is the first media player that introduced 360-degree videos. Play music or video files with subtitles, audio and video synching properties. Try this VLC Media player instead of Windows Media Player.

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This is another popular media player for Windows users. it is a free app with comprehensive file support like AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV and more. You can share and download subtitles by linking it to GOM players also give you a chance to view all videos 360 degree just by moving keyboard or mouse. Other than just playing videos of various formats this player also allows you to do screen captures, A-B repeat, playback speed control etc. You can personalize the player by applying various skins and logos. These are available to download from GOM official site. GOM players are available for various platforms and even you can use GOM remote to control GOM players.

Pot Player was developed by Daum and is the latest modification of KM player. Just like all other players it has the ability to play all types of videos. This is also a free app for windows users and you can choose this to watch blue-ray videos mainly. This is also customizable as per your choice with bookmarks, screen preview, video recording and many more. This is only available for windows users. No need to download separate plugins to play various media formats. View ultra- high definition and 3D videos. It also allows you to play very long videos which is an absent feature from most of the players. To play all videos with good quality without any interruption go for Pot player. 


Kodi is a free open-source platform which allows you to play video and audio files. This is available for multiple operating system and hardware platforms. This player allows you to control its function using remote control also. Kodi boxes are available which you can connect to your home TV. You can play any video and audios from internet directly using this player. It also helps you to arrange media files in your device unlike windows media player. Extend its functions buy downloading new plugins available online. So, it is a good choice for windows users when compared to windows media player.

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This is an extremely good open-source media. It’s look like windows media player but with more advanced features. It supports all audio and video format. Download the app completely free and no ads and spyware. It has got many number of built-in codecs that enables it to play almost all video formats. The player is very easy to use and they keep it updating frequently. This also support advanced features like subtitle downloads, video capture and skype integration. This is a light weight app you can use to replace window media player and is very popular too.


This is a player specially designed to work with Windows 10. It comes with neat user Interface and can play almost all conventional video formats. It comes with online streaming, screen-casting and download subtitles from online. It also allows you to personalize the player with artistic visual effect and change font of subtitles. Control aspect ratio, playback speed, video effects and arrange all the playlist neatly using this ACG player. The app is free to download and you will get it from Microsoft store. Try this excellent player to enjoy many unlimited features.

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Final words,

Video players are essential for all of us. Ehen you want to try something new these are some good options for you. All the apps are best when compares to features of Windows media player. Don’t waste you time on old media players. enjoy new features from brand new media players.