Top Best Mac Web Browsers 2019 (An Apple Fanboy Picks)

Everyone wants to use the best browsers to instantly get the needed solutions but selecting the best browsers are not at all the easy thing because there are many browsers are available. So you have to choose the right choice of browser. If you are an Android user, check our recent post on Android Web Browser’s post.

So you have to choose the right choice of browser. There are hundreds of best browsers are available for MacOS 2019. Let’s see a few of them, shall we?

List of Best Web Browsers for MacOS 2019

1. Google Chrome

It is the best and powerful internet browser for Mac. It not only suited for the Mac but also support Windows PC and other operating systems.  It had no secrets when you were browsing your needs in Google Chrome it perfectly brings acceptable solutions to you. 

It is a unique one to offer many features like it has the broad range of useful extensions. It is entirely free for the users, and the browser is confusion free and they can able to access multiple tables without any traffic. It is an evasion search engine in the reputable Google.

2. Opera

Opera is more common internet browser in the middle of the digital world. And it is popular on mobile devices than computers.  The opera browser is often updated to offer the current browser features and obtain clear free bugs. 

It is a user-friendly and quick web page loading browser. It does not take more time to browse the requirements in Mac.  It is the great browser for Mac.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mac users don’t think about the best browser for Mac because there are many browsers are available to use. But the Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers for the Mac.

Users can quickly browse the needed things without any interruptions. And it is highly regarded as its outstanding feature that makes benefits to the web developers for performing well and web customization. It perfectly allows you to set the efficient management of bookmarks, pop-ups blockage and blocks malware. We have also shared Best iPhones Games 2019.

4. Apple Safari

it is one of the pre-installed browsers for Mac.  But the best part in this browser has the powerful features. It frequently gets the current updates, and all the new version comes with an improved interface.

It is the great browser for the Apple users that run IOs.  It has some features on the Mac Os. Moreover, the excellent visual balance and lack of clutter are unrivaled to any other Mac web browsers 2019.

5. RocketMelt

the RocketMelt is another great web browser for the Mac. It is most familiar and powerful for the Facebook merging process.  If you had signed on Facebook, then you will get the amazing features from the rocketMelt. You can enjoy using Facebook without having to visit the site because the RocketMelt permits you to access the site. 

You can choose your preferred friends and family members, Facebook pages, blogs on the sidebar and social networks. And you would quickly receive updates on the selected sites without turn the page. It is a great web browser for the Apple device.

Wrapping up, 

Hope you found some new & unique web browsers for Mac 2019, let us know your experience in the comment section below. Keep visiting TechnologyChamp for more such posts!

Best Browser For Android

Top Best Android Web Browsers 2018 (Our Picks)

Perusing the web on your cell phone doesn’t need to be a pointless activity. In any case, a great browser application can make even the slightest instinctive site page or site better. Choosing a browser is a test, no doubt, however barely a difficult one. To rearrange things, we’ve picked the most streamlined, instinctive, and powerful portable browsers we could discover.

It’s not a thorough rundown by any methods, or an authoritative one all things considered, similar to the web, the number of portable web browsers develops by the hour. However, it’s a decent beginning stage. We TechnologyChamp brought you some of the best web browsers For Android.

Top Best Web Browsers For Android 2019 (Expert’s Pick)

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is the web browser almost as synonymous with the web as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, propelled on Android in 2012. It wasn’t the primary outsider browser on the stage to showcase, yet it more than compensated for its lateness with a veritable cornucopia of components. Chrome truly sparkles on the off chance that you have a Google account.

Once you’ve marked in, it synchronizes your bookmarks, tabs, and history crosswise over gadgets. It presents the double preferred standpoint of accelerating perusing and decreasing your information utilization, both of which are incredibly refreshing when utilizing a cell association. Here is an article from the MakeUseOf, showing the Chrome vs FireFox comparison on Android, check it out.

2. Opera Mini

Opera Mini, the Android-perfect subsidiary of the length being developed Opera browser for PC, keeps on getting huge numbers of new components through progressive, customary overhauls. The latest is an implicit promotion blocker which, as you may expect, squares pop-ups, interstitials, and pennant advertisements you’d generally experience on any given website. We recently shared free movie streaming apps for Android.

Opera Mobile is generally standard toll. It underpins selected and private perusing, incorporates a secret key supervisor and auto-finish device, and, in the event that you sign in with an Opera record, the application matches up to your perusing session between other marked in gadgets.

3. Firefox

The Android variation, suitably named Firefox for Android, got a later begin in 2012 yet now packs an indistinguishable usefulness from the rest. Maybe the undisputed main event is support for augmentations or outsider apparatuses that expand perusing in an assortment of ways. Also check out, Music Maniac Pro App.

Firefox for Android likewise includes a vigorous arrangement of security controls that permit you to, in addition to other things, piece publicizing systems from following your perusing propensities.

4. Puffin Browser

In the event that you aren’t acquainted with CloudMosa’s Puffin browser, not to stress, as it doesn’t have a remarkable same family as some of its heavyweight rivalries. Yet, what it needs in sheer constrain of the brand it compensates for in oddity with one of the strangest accumulations of elusive, but valuable, portable browser apparatuses. Also, check out list of Android games for 2019,

It’s ready to imitate a mouse cursor or track pad. It has a virtual gamepad and an implicit virtual console. What’s more, it gives you a chance to tweak its subjects.

5. Dolphin

Dolphin appeared too much exhibit as one of the principal browsers on Android to bolster multi-touch signals. The versatile scene is more focused these days, however, Dolphin has figured out how to abstain from floating into oldness with a hearty arrangement of efficient devices.

The astutely named Dolphin Sonar gives you a chance to perform complex voice inquiries like “look eBay for Nike Shoes” and “go to” Moreover, signal perusing permits you to partner finger-followed characters with sites.

Wrapping up, 

Hope we helped you in picking up the best Android web browsers for 2019, if yes let us know in the comment section below.

Best Movie Apps For Android

Best Free Android Movie Apps For 2019

Movie lovers will always look for good apps. Android users will get a lot of apps from the Google play store. There are paid as well as free movie apps available. There are many free Android apps that give you access to unlimited movies with good quality. They are safe to use too. With a good internet connection now watching a movie is not a big deal. You can watch them on your phone from anywhere anytime.

Best Movie Apps For Android
Best Movie Apps For Android

These apps also allow you to download your favorite movies and watch offline. According to your phone date usage choose any option you want. Paid apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video and many other such apps are there to offer movies for a monthly subscription charge. But everybody cannot afford it. Here I am including both best free and paid movie apps for Android users.  For those who are looking for reliable movie apps to watch movies here are some good options to choose from

Top Free Android Movie Apps – 2019 Edition

1. Popcorn time

This is a popular app Android user can get to watch movies online. It is a torrent based streaming app where you will get all new movies as soon as possible. This app comes with a good quality media player where you can watch movies of HD quality. If you want you can download movies and save it on your device.

You can watch it whenever you want. With a high- speed internet connection you can watch any movies you want using Popcorn Time app. they update their movie data base more frequently. To watch movies for free without any interruptions Popcorn time is the best choice for Android users. Get it from Play store now.

2. Tubi Tv

This is a great app for movie lovers. You can watch movies and TV shows from this app for free. Here is no limitation. Watch unlimited movies anytime you want without spending a single penny. They update their movies every week and you will get new movies also very fast.

You don’t need to create an account to watch anything from this app. just open the app and search for your favorite. Movies are available from various language and in different genres. You can also choose the picture quality you need according to your data plan. For those who love old movies, this app is very useful. Most of the popular old movies are available in this app. Try it immediately

3. Cinemabox

This is the latest version of Playbox HD app. This is a popular free app for Android users with no subscription charge. You can enjoy unlimited movies from various genres for free from this app. This app gives you access to watch movies both online as well as offline.

You can choose any of the options according to your data plan. Download movies to your device and watch it offline or if your connection is strong stream them online. The main advantage of this app is that you can set the app to kid’s mode to watch movies suitable to kids. Stream movies via Chromecast and watch it on the big screen. We have also recently shared, a tutorial on rooting android without pc check it out.

4. Google Play movies

This is the official movie app of Google. This is a reliable service for those who want to watch or rent movies and Tv shows. This is not a free service. You need to pay the rent for the movie you choose.

The price may vary from $1.99 to $19.99. This app is accessible with all android enabled devices. You can find movies from all genres here. Using Chromecast, you can watch movies on the big screen also if you want. You can even download movies and watch offline. But rented movies are only for 48 hrs.

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5. Hulu

This is a paid app for Android users to watch their favorite movies. You need to pay a monthly subscription charge. Two plans are there one with commercial and the charge for it is $7.99 and other is the non-commercial type with a charge of $11.99. This app updates all new movies on it and you can get movies from all genres.

But most movies are of 720p quality. Can project the movies and watch them on big screen is you want. Most newly released TV shows with the latest episodes are also available to watch. To watch movies without any tension paid app is good. Hulu is a good choice for you then.

6. Showbox

To enjoy unlimited entertainment from your Android phone you can download the Showbox app. This is a free app that lets you watch unlimited movies from the various language. Other than movies you can watch TV shows from this app. they update their movie list every week.

No need to waste time on theaters anymore. Watch our favorite movies from anywhere you want. It’s completely free! You can watch movies online if you have a speedy internet connection. Otherwise, download the movies and watch it later whenever you want. All movies are of HD quality too. Get the app immediately.


All of the above apps are some best picks for Android users. Try them if you love to watch movies. Free movie apps for android are safe to use and those who don’t want to take any risk can try using paid movie apps.